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Welcome to your invitation to join my global ‘Partner Program’ for the crisis scheduled to begin in 2020.

If you want to change the coming Danger into the Opportunity of your lifetime as quickly, as easily, as profitably as possible this ‘Partner’ offer is for you. –Only until 9/22 Midnight!

Hi, I am Joshua Michael, the president of

This year we are celebrating ten years since I bought this domain & set up this business. I’ve been in the gold and silver markets for over 20 years. I bought my first 1 oz gold coins for around 30,000 yen because I knew the price was going higher, and I know it’s about to go much higher again. I have created a few reports to help explain to you what is happening right now.

Recently, an important change was enacted by a powerful global financial institution, and most people are still completely unaware of it. I’ll explain the details of this ‘important change’ in another report in this series. But for now, I want to tell you this ‘important change’ means that gold is officially returning to the monetary system. Soon this will be common knowledge. It is a massive change & if you act early & decisive it will be very profitable for you. What you need to understand right now, is that your choices now will change your life either positively or negatively.

You might be thinking, ‘Why is that?’ and ‘When & how will it happen?’ so I’ve written a few reports to explain the situation.

In a nutshell, there are many unstoppable global cycles & trends that are gaining stronger & stronger momentum. They will combine together and take gold and silver much higher.

In these reports I’ve worked on for you I will share some of the many reasons along with the proof. This is also urgent because around 2020, the worst financial crisis the world has ever experienced is scheduled to begin. The coming 2020 crisis is just one of the many cycles & trends that will force gold and silver up much higher.

I know you do not want to miss this move up in gold and silver! –So I’ll explain why. You might be thinking ‘How much higher?’.

Well, in the 1970s cycle, gold went from $35 per troy oz 2300% higher. In the last cycle, gold went from $250 to $1900 per troy oz, a 700% move higher, but was artificially stopped. Which is another story!

After this next cycle, gold will potentially go up between 2000% and 5000%. The estimated new price will be between $20,000 – $50,000 per troy oz. That means that $20,000 worth of gold could make you a millionaire. –Those prices are based on IF the current monetary structure can withstand the coming 2020 global crisis without collapsing. If it collapses, as it nearly did in 2007 and 2008, then the price of gold will be much, much higher. For example, by the time the Romans had debased their currency, 1 pound of gold was worth 20 million denarii.

The main reason is this: gold and silver have always been real money. Even though President Johnson in the ’60s, and President Nixon in the ’70s, removed the gold and silver backing of the currency, gold has always remained the foundation of the entire monetary system.

Remember what European Central Bank Chief Mario Draghi said when asked ‘What value does gold offer in your opinion?’


Question: What value does it (gold) offer in your opinion?

Mario Draghi Answer:

You are also asking this question to someone whose been governor of the Bank of Italy. (The) Bank of Italy is the 4th largest owner of gold reserves in the world, which is fairly disproportionate with the size of the country no? (laughter) but I never thought it wise to sell it, because for central banks this is a ‘Reserve of Safety’, it’s viewed by the country as such (as a ‘Reserve of Safety’), and in the case of non-dollar countries it gives you a fairly good protection against the fluctuations of the dollar, so there are several reasons, risk diversification and so on.

Here is what you must understand now! If you missed buying Microsoft or Apple stock, or Bit-coin at low prices all that you ‘lost’ was the potential profit you could have enjoyed.

You lost an opportunity for a possible positive, but everything else in your life remained neutral. Missing Microsoft & Apple stock didn’t affect the cost of living, food, rent, and bills or how much you could buy with the currency you earned. But gold returning to the monetary system will change everything to do with money across the world forever. But if you miss this opportunity, the price of everything will change negatively for you, becoming more expensive. If you own at least some, then it could be a neutral event for you. But if you own enough, like my partners and I, then it can be an extremely positive event for you. This information will become common knowledge soon. The change will happen over a short time frame, such as one month or one week, or maybe even a few days.

So it is important that you do not wait to learn what is happening with gold and silver, because if you wait to act, it will be too late to act!

I think you and I can agree that if there is a small chance that my analysis is correct, then you should at least see the facts in my reports.

If you agree, then the only logical conclusion is to own enough gold and silver now before this information becomes well known and the next major price move begins. –Which is precisely what my partners and I have done, and I suggest you do too –I think you’ll thank me in the future.

Click on the link below to join the ‘Secret Buyers Club’ to get these reports. Once you sign up (which is free!), you will be sent an email with your login information to the site, which is where my reports are located.

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Join the Free ‘Secret Buyers Club’

If you want to change the coming Danger into the Opportunity of your lifetime as quickly, as easily, as profitably as possible this ‘Partner’ offer is for you. –Only until 9/22 Midnight!

Joshua Michael

CEO at

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