Payment / Shipping

We have two different methods of payment. Bank transfer via the Japan Post Bank & payment via Bitcoin.

〇 Japan Post Bank Transfer
* After completing the order at you will receive a confirmation email with the order details and order total. Please remit the funds to the bank account below.
*The cost of transfer is to be paid by the customer. Please send the total order amount written in the confirmation email & order confirmation page.
*After the transfer has been made your product will be shipped. Or in the case of large delayed bulk orders you will receive the estimated shipping date of your product.

*Bank Information:
●Bank Name: YUUCHO GINKO Branch Name: ZEROZEROHACHI Branch Number: 008
Type of account; FUTSU YOKIN Account Number: 5779519 Account Name: KA) APEKKUSU

〇 Bitcoin Payment
*In order to remit payment via Bitcoin you will need to own Bitcoin first. If you would like to purchase Bitcoin with a credit card or a bank transfer, please click on the link below.
Easiest way to buy and sell Cryptocurrency | Coincheck Bitcoin
*Add the products you would like into your shopping cart at, and click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’.
*Fill out the information at the ‘Check Out Page’, next at the bottom of the page select ‘Bitcoin Payment’ , click on the check box next to ‘Accept Terms & Conditions’ and then click ‘Place Order’.
*Next click on the「PAY WITH BITCOIN」button, you will see a page with the information necessary to complete your transaction with Bitcoin. Please see the video below for more details.

* Japan Consumption Tax is included in all the prices at

*We suggest a shipping method that includes insurance, signature confirmation, and even post office counter collection for the safest delivery (YUBINKYOKU DOME). All insurance claims will be filed with the Japan Post.

180円 ClickPost 1–2 coins  -Treated as normal mail     -Tracking Number   -No Insurance    -No claim accepted
390円 Letterpack Lite 1–19 coins -Treated as normal mail -Tracking Number  -No Insurance    -No claim accepted – Post office collection possible.
540円 Letterpack Plus 1–80 coins  -Signature required -Tracking Number  -No Insurance    -No claim accepted – Post office collection possible.
700円 Yuupack & Registered Mail 1–100 coins(Depends on the weight & value of the shipment). -Insurance Included  -Signature required -Tracking Number   -Claim accepted by post office – Post office collection possible.
1200円 Other methods. If there is a particular method that you would like to use please select this option.


700円 — 1200円 Depending on the size of your Large Bulk Order the shipping cost will be 700-1200 Yen. The estimated delivery date will be between 7-10 business days from the date of payment. *Please be advised that there may be further delays. Payment must be made promptly. During volatile market conditions your order may be cancelled if payment is not received promptly.

If you have any questions please contact staff at this link.